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About Spreader Specialties

Performance and Value You Can Trust

Mike Olson grew up on an Iowa family farm and went to Iowa State knowing that he wanted to be a part of the business of agriculture. After receiving his degree in agriculture sales and marketing, Mike did just that, launching a career that’s now spanned nearly three decades working in purchasing, sales, marketing, and distribution of everything from trucks and tractors to sprayers and spreaders that shape the farming business in the Northern Plains of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas.

Along his journey, Mike Olson has owned a corn and soybean farm, a golf course, and developed residential neighborhoods in and around his base of operations in Austin, Minnesota.

Mike is now celebrating eight years in business with his team of professionals at Spreader Specialties, near the River Oaks Golf Course he owns and the Cedar Ridge neighborhood he developed. Spreader Specialties is an equipment dealership focused on high-performance, premium spreaders optimized for farming applications, golf course turf management, and road maintenance.


Spreader Specialties is an exclusive dealer of BBI Spreaders, a company committed to bringing the best spreaders to the field, to the golf course, and to the roads of the Northern Plains and beyond. Why does Spreader Specialties maintain a sole commitment to BBI—take it from Mike Olson himself: 

People ask me why I only stock BBI, and I always tell them that if there’s a better-built spreader for the value, I’d sell it. I’ve been selling spreaders for nearly 15 years, and BBI gives my customers twice the warranty and twice the options of the spreaders I’ve sold before. With BBI, I can give my customers exactly what they want and need at the greatest value, with the greatest durability, and with the greatest level of backing from the manufacturer I’ve seen in the market. It’s performance and value that I trust, and my customers can trust them, too.
— mike Olsen