Spreader Specialties

Spreader Specialties

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All across the Northern Plains, our spreaders do the hard work in the fields—and not just the ones with row crops. From the baseball diamonds to the football gridirons our lightweight, pull-type spreaders deliver precision application of granular fertilizer and lime with minimal soil compaction, keeping those playing fields nice and even. Spreader Specialties is your expert source for athletic field and turf maintenance needs.


BBI's Cricket is a precision granular fertilzer and lime spreader specifically designed for golf course environments, as well as sod and turf farms. The Cricket utilizes wide flotation tires for minmial soil compaction. Built with a strong, narrow frame, Cricket is highly maneuverable in intricate course layouts and other turf environments.

Along with Cricket, the eight-foot model of BBI's flagship fertilzer and lime spreader line, Magnaspread, is optimized for golf course environments. This compact, single-axle model delivers precision fertilzer and lime applications suitable to work as a pull-type complement to golf course tractors. MagnaSpread--the high-precision choice for your golf course and turf management needs.