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Spreader specialties



At Spreader Specialties, we are committed to selling what we believe are the best spreaders for any application, whether it's farming, turf maintenance, or infrastructure-related needs. Even the best equipment needs needs precision maintenance and care, and even the best equipment requires our service from time to time.

We know that when your spreader goes down, time is precious, and our focus is on getting you back up and running as quickly as possible. We've built our philosophy around a concept called "the path of least resistance" for our customer. Whatever it takes, we'll help you get back to work with your spreader, whether it's a house call to the farm or bringing you in to our full service shop in Austin, Minnesota.

Call us at (612) 810-4391 to get the process of getting back to work on its way, or, after hours, hit our contact form so that we can address your needs first thing in the morning.

Spreader Specialties, there when you need us, on-site or here in Austin.