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The Optimal Mechanical Spreader for Tight Rows and Turf


Grasshopper—The Optimal Mechanical Spreader for Tight Rows and Turf

With high ground clearance, the five-ton Grasshopper from BBI makes medicum-capacity top dressings and row cropping a cinch. Grasshopper utilizes flotation tires to minimize soil compaction along its path, and features a 16-inch stainless steel mesh chain that automatically adjusts spread rate with your travel speed. 

As with all BBI Spreaders, Grasshopper features BBI's proprietary spread system, consistently generating flatter, wider spread patterns in its wake.  Grasshopper is built to last, with UHMW paint and stainless steel construction that minimize corrosion and maximize the unit's life on the farm, golf course, and other turf management environments. 

This great spreader for medium-capacity jobs features PTO or hydraulic-controlled spinners, and spinner motors sit above the chemical, resulting in extended motor life.

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  • Distribution of granular fertilizer or lime

  • Medium capacity

  • Optimized for row crops and sod or turf farms

  • 9-foot single axle

  • Ground wheel drive conveyor

  • PTO or hydraulic-driven spinners

  • 153-212 cu. ft. struck capacity

  • Low and high application rates

  • Proprietary BBI spreader system

  • High-clearance design for top dressing and row cropping

  • Flotation tires minimize soil compaction

  • Delivers a wider, flatter, more consistent pattern

  • Dual rack and pinion gate prevents jams

  • One-piece CNC machined comb gives longer chain life

  • Ground wheel driven, stainless steel mesh chain

  • Overhead spinner motors above the chemical, resulting in extended motor life

  • UHMW and stainless steel construction reduce corrosion issues and extend spreader life


Profile Type Height Width Capacity
Standard "L" Body 87" (2.21 m) 96" (2.44 m) 153 cu ft (4.33 cu m) struck
Optional "H" Body 94" (2.39 m) 96" (2.44 m) 189 cu ft (5.35 cu m) struck


Grasshopper 9ft Single Axle Mechanical Fertilizer Lime Spreader

Our high ground clearance 5 ton fertilizer – 7 ton lime spreader designed for precision application of top dressings and row cropping. A rounded payload capacity of 180 cu, ft. (6.7 cu. yds.), the stainless steel or carbon steel hopper is 9 ft. long and 8 ft. wide with 45 degree angle of repose sides. The ground clearance is 23” with standard 21.5 x 16.1 Flotation tires, minimizing compaction. Higher ground clearance can be achieved with optional 11.25 x 28 tires. A ground wheel drives the 16” stainless steel mesh chain for a spread rate automatically adjusting with travel speed. Spinners are powered by a PTO. or tractor supplied hydraulics