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Cricket Golf

When It Comes to the Golf Course, this Spreader is No Bogey Golfer


Cricket Ag and Turf—When It Comes to the Golf Course, this Spreader is No Bogey Golfer

Meet Cricket Ag and Turf, BBI's spreader that's perfected for golf course management needs for precision fertlizer and lime application.  Designed specifically for golf courses and other sod and turf environments, including baseball diamonds, football gridirons, and soccer pitches, Cricket Ag and Turf needs no handicap. 

This neat little spreader leads the industry in cost-in-use, with precision application of fertilizer and lime marked by power and efficinecy. With a capacity of 64 cubic feet struck, Cricket utilizes flotation tires to gently run its way across a manicured course with minimal soil compaction. Cricket's narrow wheel-track width ensures it can navigate the tight spaces on the edges of the course, throwing the precise amounts of fertilzer and lime where you need it, when you need it.

Built on a heavy-duty 12,000-pound axle, Cricket can traverse even the rugged patches of courses without fail. 

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  • Fertilizer and lime

  • Golf courses, ag and turf, small farming operations

  • Narrow wheel track for maneuverability

  • Wide flotation tires for minimizing compaction


  • Spinners powered by PTO or tractor-supplied hydraulics

  • Proprietary Salford spreader system


Cricket - 8' (2.44 m)
Profile Type Height Width Capacity
Standard Profile 65" (1.65 m) 82" (2.08 m) 64 cu ft (1.81 cu m) struck


Cricket Ag and Turf

Cricket Ag and Turf - The BBI Cricket Ag and Turf Fertilizer Spreader is a precision fertilizer spreader designed for the golf course or other turf environments. The Cricket Ag is ideal for Golf Courses, Turf, Sod, Food Plots and Small Farms. Various options are available to adapt the unit to particular needs of each environment. The Cricket Ag has a 8' x 48" hopper with a capacity of 64 cubic feet struck. It has 15" ground clearance and a 16" conveyor.